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Spring Season and Mental Health

We have just passed the spring equinox and now we are in spring. Many people look forward to he changing of the seasons. This start of the warmer months is generally associated with growth, rebirth, and a frenzy of flowers pushing out of the barren, thawing, soil. We see shining faces and blue skies across all media platforms, but is spring a season of growth for everyone?

Some people love springtime and others struggle during this season of change.

Springtime is also associated with major life events, like graduations or weddings. These special occasions are often associated with big parties, social events, and family interactions which may trigger intense feelings of anxiety.

Other factors may be physiological. Many people experience spring allergies, where our immune systems are working twice as hard to feel twice as crummy for days on end.

Tips to support your mental health in springtime:

1. Start Journaling

2. Drop a Bad Habit