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Fearcast Podcast:The podcast dedicated to overcoming anxiety and getting back to a life worth living

Welcome to FearCast. This is a home for people suffering with OCD and anxiety spectrum disorders and want to find a way to live better, fuller, and deeper. We can not snap our fingers to get rid of our fear and anxiety, but we can learn better ways to live along with our fear. If you're ready, let's do this together.

Fearcast Resources: Above all, the FearCast Podcast wants to connect you to the best possible treatment resources for you and your recovery journey.

What I love about being a therapist is seeing lives transform! When you fully engage in treatment and say “no” to hamster-wheel rumination and emotionally set limitations, you also say “yes” to freedom, courage, and fullness of life!

Therefore, finding and working with a therapist who understands you and treatment can be life changing.

The treatment resources below can help you take the first step toward recover. However, if you aren’t ready now, that’s ok. This page is just one step along the way. Remember, every little step counts in challenging your fear, phobia, OCD, or anxiety! Also, the FearCast Podcast is also here in the meantime.

As always, if you are in immediate crisis and are considering harming yourself in any way, call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and Crisis Call Center

Available 24 hours everyday for people in crisis


Suicide Crisis Line List By Country

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